Business cards /plastic cards

Business cards

Standard size of business cards 90x50mm or 85x55mm. Less frequent business cards of non-standard size.

Business cards are printed on paper 300-350gr/m2 or special cardboard with a density of 300gr/m2.

Lamination gives the printing finished appearance and adds wear resistance. We offer a choice of matt, glossy or soft-touch (velvet) lamination. Business cards can be with rounded edges.

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards are suitable for permanent use. For example, a customer, club member, discount card, which is issued for the duration of the event and is reused.

Flyers / Booklets

Flyers and booklets – a variety of dispensing material. Standard sizes A6, A65, A5, A4. Can be one-sided or two-sided. Bright, colorful and dynamic advertising that serves to promote services or goods. For printing flyers and booklets we use coated paper with matt or glossy coating density 150-170g/m2. If desired, less or more dense paper can be used.

The price is influenced by the size, paper density, circulation and color gamut.

Catalogues / Brochures

Brochures and catalogues are another kind of distribution material. A brochure is a small book from 4 pages or more, allows you to place more information than flyers or booklets. The most common sizes are folded A5 and A4.

We offer two types of fastening:

1. Fastening spiral

The number of pages from 8 to 60. Most often for internal sheets used paper density 150g/m2. The first and last sheets are usually more dense 200 – 250gr/m2. It is possible to cover with laminate or add a plastic protective sheet.

2. Fastening with a staple

The number of sheets from 8 to 48. For inner sheets is most often used 150g/m2. The cover can be more dense 200-250 gr/m2, optionally covered with laminate. The number of sheets should be multiple of 4.

Invitations/ Cards/ Gift cards

Invitation cards, gift cards are made of thicker paper 250-350gr/m2 or carton 180-350gr/m2. Some types of cards can be additionally covered with laminate.

Decorative cardboard can be used for additional effect and texture. The choice of cardboard can be found in our office.


For ticket printing, coated matt or glossy paper from 90 to 250gr/m2 is used. Printing is one-sided or two-sided in black and white or color scheme. Ticket format can be absolutely any. The most popular formats are 100×70, 150×70 and 210x98mm. Tickets can be booked with a perforated line (detachable), personalized or numbered.


Blank is a sheet of paper on which various records are made or printed. The blank usually contains the logo and contact details of the company. More common formats of forms A5, A4.

Most often it is one-sided black and white or color printing. The density of sheets is 80-90gr/m2. We offer non coating printing so that you can write with a pen. Optionally we also print on coated or glossy paper.

Table tent

Table Tent – English – table tent, house. Effective marketing tool. It is placed on tables, counters, bars directly before the eyes of visitors. Quick and visual delivery of information about discounts, novelties and services. Popular in restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels – wherever there is a counter, table for visitors or reception.

You can order the following types of printing from us:

  • The triangular prism is vertical. Allows to place information on three sides.
  • The triangular prism is horizontal – «House». The most common type. This tape tent is more stable.
  • Inserts in plastic tape tents. A simple and economical way to quickly update information about ongoing shares. Standard sizes A5 and A4.

We manufacture tape tarpaulins made of coated paper or cardboard with a density of 300g/m2. Lamination gives a great strength to the product (matt or glossy). Possible printing on designer paper.

Inserts in plastic tape-tents are printed on chalk paper with a density of 150 g/m2.


Posters or posters are A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 sheets with one-sided printing. Usually posters are placed in the most accessible places, in shops, offices, halls of hotels, cinemas and medical institutions, clubs and other places.

Posters A4 and A3 are printed on laser printer. Printing of large size posters A2, A1, A0 is carried out on a large format printer (cf. large format printing). Paper density 150-200gr/m2.


Diploma – a mandatory attribute of solemn events, marking the events, achievements or the fact of completion of important stages in the life or history of graduates.

In the manufacture of diplomas used thick coated paper and cardboard. Diplomas in most cases are made in A4 format, but sometimes they make the size of A3, printing one-sided

Calendars (wall / desk)

Calendar is a traditional business gift, which is customary to give to employees, business partners and customers. In recent years, family calendars with family photos for each month are popular. The popularity of calendars greatly increases during the New Year holidays.

There are several types of calendars. You can choose for your purposes a pocket calendar, a table calendar, a wall scroll calendar, a quarterly calendar (trio calendar) or a poster calendar.

Pocket calendar

On the front side of the pocket calendar, as a rule, apply the image associated with the activities of the enterprise and its logo. On the other hand, there is a calendar grid. There is also a brief information about the company and contacts. Standard pocket calendar size is 70x100mm. Printed on thick paper or cardboard. Usually, pocket calendar is laminated on both sides. In pocket calendars, it is customary to make rounded corners so that it can easily and conveniently fit into the notebook.

Table Calendar House

A calendar that is consistently in high demand every year. Such a calendar has an effective impact, as it is a practical office souvenir, is constantly on the desktop, that is, in constant attention. Calendar-house has many variants. At the base of the calendar used cardboard attached to which a calendar block, hung on a spring.

Wall Scroll Calendar

Most often consists of 12 or 6 sheets and cover. On each sheet of such calendar is placed calendar grid for a month and information or picture/ photo.

Quarterly calendar

One of the most popular types of corporate calendars. Quarterly calendar has many variants – from mono- with one calendar block to 3 and 5 block calendars. The most common type of quarterly calendar is the trio calendar, on one turn which contains information about three months.

Poster calendar – is a poster with a printed calendar grid. Usually such calendar has a format from A3 to A0. Very interesting and unusual look poster calendars of non-standard form.