Photo glass

Photo glass is used for interior decoration or as a wall panel in the kitchen.

For interior solution we use tempered glass OptiWhite (without green shade) 4mm, for large sizes 6mm. The graphics are printed on film and applied to the back of the glass. We recommend installation on spacers (with a small distance from the wall).

You can change the graphics.

Photo glass for kitchen

For kitchen panels we use OptiWhite (no green tint) glass 6mm, mainly installed mounting screws, which are hidden by decorative caps. In some cases, it is possible to install without screws, the possibility of such installation is checked by the wizard when measuring.

For our customers we offer a selection of graphics in the photo base. Make an example on the size of a particular panel. These services are already in the price.

For an additional fee we provide a set of services, departure for measurements, delivery of kitchen panels and installation.

Possible replacement of graphics.

Photo canvas

Photo canvas is a printed photo or image on canvas (fabric), the printing is neatly stretched and stuffed on a wooden subframe 2cm thick, fixed by wedges (hanging loop attached).  Ideal for interior or souvenir for an important event. Minimum size of one side of the frame for photo canvas 300mm, maximum size of one side 1300mm. The other side can be several meters.

We offer a selection of high-quality images from, buy the image and send the sample to the selected canvas size before printing.

Photo wallmurals

As an interior solution we offer wallpapers with your image. Quality image helps to choose in the photo base.

Photomural can be paper or self-adhesive structural vinyl (with aggressive glue). Variants of the structure pattern can be found in our office by prior arrangement. The maximum width of the fabric is 1350mm.

Photomural is used not only for home interior, but also for business areas.

Figure cutting

We cut shapes for events from cardboard, kapa plast, temple or pvc.
The figure or photo frame can give a special atmosphere to a thematic holiday or give an unforgettable emotion to the child.

Photo frames are mainly made from Viscom, kapa plast or PVC. Within this framework, a cutout for people’s faces is provided.

When ordering a large size, it is important to consider the size of the material.