Thermal transfer printing on fabric

The undeniable advantages of the image made this technology highly demanded:

  • It can be applied to any fabric (you only need to choose the right kind of thermal transfer).
  • It is clear and multicolored.
  • Picture can have both very small and quite large dimensions (A3, A4).
  • Print racks for wear and wash (at temperatures up to 400C).

In addition, thermal transfer printing on fabric is quick and inexpensive.
Laser transfer. Photo or image is printed on a laser printer, the dye of which is 98% plastic. When printing, it melts and creates a picture on paper, and the cool becomes hard. The heat press melts it again and glues it to the material on which it remains. We use this method to print in A3 format. Don’t print in white!

Sublimation transfer

Photo or image is printed on a sublimation printer. The solid dye in it goes directly into the gaseous state and in this form penetrates into the fibres of the material. But the fabric can only be used synthetic or with a high polyester content. We use this method to print A4 format. Do not print white! Sublimation transfer is only suitable for synthetic white and light fabric (polyester content at least 70%).

You can also order thermal transfer printing using special vinyl films. Thermal films have color monotone or printed film. Printing is applied on large format printer. The future image is carved with a plotter and glued to the fabric due to the presence of a special glue on the films. Glue is activated by heating under a hot press and printing is seized with a cloth, such a persistent «application» can be applied to any fabric. This printing technology is great for working and sportswear.