Roll-up/ X-banner

Possible dimensions:

800/850/1000/1200/1500 x 2000mm.
Roll-up can be one-way or two-way.

High-quality construction with two support legs at a good price. Design and mechanism made of sturdy aluminum. The printing is mounted on top click by the system and glued on the bottom. It is possible to set the backlight. The graphics are printed on PP or on pvc banner.

The kit includes a storage and carrying bag.

It is possible to replace the graphics with the existing design!


  • 60x160mm
  • 80x180mm
  • 120x1200mm

Construction parts are made of aluminum, plastic and fiberglass. The graphics are printed on the PP or PVC banner and stretched on the construction with eyelets.

In comparison with the Roll-up banner, the X-banner is a more economical option. The kit includes a storage and carrying bag.


PVC banner – moisture-proof and high and low temperature resistant material for outdoor and indoor use.
PVC banner is mainly hung onto the frame with eyelets.

For the photozone, tunnels (pockets) are made on top and bottom to stretch on the structure.
To print a banner we use quality material density 450g/m2 (Frontlit).

Mesh banner is translucent material. Mesh is often used outdoors, as the structure of the material in the form of cells helps to reduce the sail, which avoids breaking the structure.

Price Example:

PVC/Mesh banner 1000×1000 25 eur+km (käibemaks).
PVC banner 2000×1500 36 eur+km
Mesh banner 2000×1500 45 eur+km

The price is valid if the printed file meets our requirements. For a quote, please email us.

Press Wall / Photo Wall

Press-wall or photo wall is used for events, for photography and video shooting.

The structure is made of steel chrome pipe, the graphics are printed on the pvc banner. The printing with the help of tunnels from above and below is stretched on the structure. The design includes a storage and transportation bag.

The construction is adjustable:
Width 1750-3000mm, height 1000-2400mm.

It is possible to rent the structure (only together with installation and dismantling).


Posters or posters are A4, A3, A2, A1 or A0 sheets with one-sided printing. Usually posters are placed in the most accessible places, in shops, offices, halls of hotels, cinemas and medical institutions, clubs and other places.

Printing of large size posters A2, A1, A0 is carried out on a large format printer (cf. large format printing). Paper density 150-200gr/m2.

Posters A4 and A3 are printed on laser printer.