Wrapped car/ boats

Branding of branded vehicles

We sticker different types of transport, such as cars, vans, minibuses, lorries, buses, trailers, tractors, cranes, etc.

Branded transport can be both partial and complete. Send us a design or layout for a quote. Or you can contact us for a design.

Automotive film is used for cars and other vehicles. Also automotive film with air channels is often used for complex and curved surfaces such as containers, helmets and so on.

Auto vinyl can be coloured monotone or printed, the latter is necessarily covered with a special automotive laminate. There are also car puff films with different colour and texture effects.

You can familiarise yourself with the choice at our office by prior arrangement.

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Car and boat wrapping

Car taping can also be used for personal purposes. With the help of auto foils you can create your own unique design. Auto vinyl has several layers, which also protect the car body from minor scratches and UV rays.

We also offer boat and boat wraps.