Stickers, labels

The most popular type of stickers – labels, marking products, goods, packages. Printed on self-adhesive vinyl film.

The shape and size of the sticker can be any. The choice is white or transparent film with matt or glossy coating.
Stickers are waterproof.

If stickers are exposed to aggressive effects (e.g., chemistry, brushes), then we recommend laminating stickers. Lamination is a printing coating with a thin transparent protective film. Lamination protects against rapid fading, protects printing from scratches and chemistry.

Stickers can be manufactured on individual request. For example, for sea containers, corrosive or reflective stickers.

Write us a request and we will find a suitable solution for you.
We also offer stickers for cars, showcases and other surfaces (see other sections of the menu).

Window decals

Window decals is one of the most popular services. Stickers on windows help to increase the recognition and cross-country of the store, enterprise.

The graphics on the glass can be placed outside or inside the glass.

In addition to showcases we offer various solutions for doors, walls, floors, offices. Depending on the objectives we will find the best solution for you.

There are many varieties of self-adhesive films designed for different purposes. Bright advertising on the window, logo and contacts on the door, graphics on the walls, warning stickers on the floor, privacy in the office, protection from bright sunlight – often in one order we combine different materials to achieve the best result.

Car stickers

Automotive film is used for cars and other vehicles. Also automotive film with air channels is often used for complex and curved surfaces such as containers, helmets, etc.

Auto vinyl can be coloured monotone or printed, the latter is necessarily covered with a special automotive laminate. There are also car puff films with different colour and texture effects.

You can familiarise yourself with the choice at our office by prior arrangement.

Magnet stickers

Magnetic stickers are used for metal surfaces.

Stickers are printed on vinyl film, covered with a special laminate (this is done to protect the stickers from external impact) and then applied to the magnet or printed directly on the magnetic tape.

We offer stickers for straight-shaped magnets.